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Terry is available to work with you or your company, and your professional organization facilitating team building, leadership skills, stress management by helping you align with your core values, passions and purpose to create work - life balance.

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email:  terrysidford@createyourlifecoaching.net
telephone:  801.971.5039  


keynotes, talks & workshops

Communicating with POWER

Effective communication is a vital tool in both your personal and professional lives. Terry shares insights and advice to help you learn to find your voice, speak up, and be heard, including:

•   Communicate more effectively by talking less
•   Techniques to avoid misinterpretation
•   Make others feel that you really understand them
•   Clues to look for to really understand how others feel
•   How active listening will help you get your message across

Permission to Be Courageous & Change Your Story

The story you tell yourself, and the world, does not have to define you. Terry uses powerful writing and visualization exercises to will teach you how to:

•   Recognize the story you have let define your life
•   Discover the courage you don’t realize that you already have
•   Use this new-found courage to open up new perspectives
•   Give yourself permission to rewrite the next chapter of your life

3 Effective Ways to Manage Stress

Stress is a leading factor in causing disease, weight gain, insomnia, and other health problems. Terry teaches you the negative implications of prolonged stress so that you can walk away with a better awareness of what stress is and how to make it work for you. You will learn:

•   How stress impacts your physical and emotional well-being
•   Ways to minimize the negative impact of stress
•   New skills to help you manage stress

4 Steps to Discover & Explore Your Passions

Nearly 70% of working Americans are not passionate about what they do. Finding your passions will reveal your true purpose and help you live more authentically. In this full-or half-day workshop, Terry works with you to discover your life purpose using 4 effortless steps:

•   Clarify you top 5 passions
•   3 elements necessary to create anything you chose to create and have in life
•   The secret that will guarantee a passionate life
•   Discuss the first prerequisite to being able to live a passionate life

Terry's TEDx Talk

"Permission To Be Courageous"